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Interview Tips

Effective interview skills produce better job offers.
Nearly 90% of all job offers result directly from a face-to-face interview. In fact, the majority of all contracts are tendered by the second meeting. Your responsibility for success lies in the first impression left with a prospective employer during an interview.

The Law of Probability predicts four possible first impression outcomes to an interview:

  1. Best Result – The employer, impressed by not only your qualifications and accomplishments, but also your personal presentation, offers you the job at the highest compensation level and you leave with a contract in hand.
  2. Better – The employer, impressed by your qualifications and accomplishments, considers you as a prospective employee. They request references and “will get back with you in a couple of days.”
  3. Not So Good – The employer, not overly impressed by your personal presentation, “thanks you for coming,” however they need to finish interviewing other candidates before making a decision.
  4. Waste of Time – The employer, disappointed by your interview presentation, cuts the interview short and apologizes profusely because they have a busy schedule for that day.

The Not So Good and Waste of Time interviews happen more than we would like to admit. Even the Better interviews are few and far between, while the Best Result interview is a rare occurrence that eludes some of the most respected, qualified healthcare professionals. Why? Frankly, candidates rarely draw offers they want because they neglect or they are unable to “sharpen-up” their interview skills.

When your goal is convince the employer to make you an offer and leave you with the power to accept the position or not, you need to consult the professionals. National Health Partners & Resources compiled a brief interview checklist of tips from industry professionals in order to maximize your chances of having the Best Result interview.
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The Basics

A – Dress for Success

Women should wear a conservative business suit with polished shoes. Skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh. Stockings should be non-glittery, neutral or natural coloring.
Men should wear a conservative business suit with a tie and polished brown or black shoes. Do not wear dark sneakers that appear to be shoe-like.
B – Fresh Breath
Make sure that you carry small breath mints. Do not chew gum.

C – No Strong Perfumes
Keep cologne to a minimum, or better yet use deodorant and avoid cologne. You never know who might be allergic to your exotic, expensive perfume.

D – Park Egos at the Door
People hire a person they like, not someone who thinks they are better than them. Keep an upbeat, high-energy demeanor, and a positive attitude.

E – Be on Time and Early!
They say time kills deals. Well, this time ‘they’ are right. Showing up late can be excusable if you call the employer ahead of time with a valid reason for the delay…otherwise your tardiness is unacceptable.

F – Always Look them in the Eye!
Maintaining good eye contact exudes confidence and honesty.

G – Do NOT Bring up Salary and Benefits Unless They Do.
Negotiating salary during an interview is dangerous. You might price yourself out of a job or accept too little for your services. If they ask you to name a price, the following statement may save you from making a hasty deal:

“I am most interested in the opportunity. If you like what I have to offer your group and I like what I see, then I am sure we can work the financial arrangements out.”

H – Keep the Dialogue Short!
Asking questions and responding to their questions is perfectly normal. But keep your responses as specific and direct as possible…don’t ramble on!

I – Ask High Gain Questions.
Ask open-ended questions that require more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. For example:

“How has managed care impacted your practice or facility?”

J – Stay Away from Alcohol When Dining
Just one alcoholic beverage may impair your judgment enough to say the wrong thing. Ask for tea or a soft drink.

K – Ask for the Job!
Express your interest in the job. The employer is waiting for your acknowledgment of interest. Tell him or her:

“Yes, I want the job.”

L – Mail a Thank You Note
Aside from thanking them for their hospitality, a letter or note from you is an excellent way to keep your name fresh in their mind and interested in you.

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